A nice, much needed break

Thursday, July 23

Today, we felt that we deserved (earned) a little break. (Yeah, I know… we’re retired already!) So, with lunch and swimsuits packed, it was off to the Moyie River!

Lunch by the river…
Thanks, Butch, for letting us use your spot!
And yes, we did float an hour and a half back down to the lunch spot!

Nice visit

Sunday, June 28

With so much going on in our lives these days I forgot to mention that we had a nice visit from our Wenatchee friends Tim and Roxanne. They were on their way to Montana for a getaway, and we just happen to be right along their route! It was good to see and visit with them, and we had a chance to show them around our (old and) new place.

Happy Birthday America!!

Saturday, July 4

And… getting ready for happy actual birth day to our first grandchild, we all took part virtually in the baby shower that was held in Matt & Monica’s back yard.

A quick get-away… again.

Sunday, June 28

Check back soon… ok, ok finally!! It takes decent internet to get this updated. So…

With really good progress on our “project”, we decided to pop over to Kalispell last Friday. A slight break from the frenzy of it all, but still doing continued research on several of the fixtures, etc.

45 years ago…

The weather was wonderful for the Miata, top-down. We spent all day Friday checking a half-dozen shops, including lunch at Norm’s News, and then stayed that night. After a farmer’s market, Costco stop, plumbing fixture store and a couple of used car dealers, we retuned home Saturday afternoon.